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Buying your first leather jacket is always so exciting and tiring. But as said a wardrobe is incomplete without a perfect Leather Jacket gives you even more stress. And with a thousand questions in mind you become paranoid to choose the perfect jacket for yourself.
Our leather Jacket experts our here to solve all your worries and hassle with this blog. Our experts will guide you with the correct points to keep in mind when buying a Leather jacket that suits your personality and is worth every penny spent. 

Style of Arts
Spending on a leather jacket is a lifetime investment because it never ages and choosing from all the different styles is a task. When you decide on buying your first leather jacket you should be clear about the type of jacket that will go well along your personality. 
These different styles of Leather Jackets picked by the experts among the huge cluster of styles are the best for anyone who is just starting out.
The common vibe that any of these styles will give is badass, though!
As the name says it all! It is the most classical and handsome style Leather Jacket and suits almost everyone. 
Bomber jackets are also known as Flight/Aviator Jackets which was created during the world war for pilots to provide them warmth and protection. It is since then the Revolution of the Leather jacket started. 
Bomber Jackets is a signature jacket with zipper style closure, a low-cut standing collar, cuffed long sleeves and some may even have pockets. You also have colour options to suit your taste, either go ageless black all the way or, opt for shades of browns. This style never goes out of fashion.
For all the adventurous people who love their bikes Leather Cafe Racer Jackets have the taste of a rough rider. These jackets were worn by the racers of England when their group set out for an adventure across different cafes in the country. 
These Jackets are comparatively more robust than other jackets, and this designing is done keeping the protection 
of riders in mind. Apart from the classic black Jackets riders also have the option of brown leather Café racer jacket which added
zest to their rides.
The ultimate modern revolution in the leather jacket universe is the Studded Leather Jacket. Adding studs to a leather jacket has given it a glamorous twist.
A studded leather jacket is curated for people who likes to keep it accessorized. With the different studs and spikes design you can make a bold statement without having to make any efforts. 
Studded Jackets could be your first choice if; you are a bold individual with a clear understanding of what must be done to start making a real difference. 
Studded Leather Jackets can also be customized according to you own design pattern to make it a very own unique jacket and we are the best in customization.
EXPERTS ADVISE: If you are going to buy your first jacket, you stick always to something long established rather than experimenting with something outlandish. Since a classical style is evergreen the styles specified by our experts for an amateur are the Bomber Jacket, or a Café Rider style which makes you look smart without trying too hard. And if you do not like it simple than a Studded Leather Jacket will be the best style statement for you. 
Quality is the key
When going to buy your first jacket you should know that Quality of a leather jacket is the most important factor to be considered. Since we all know that a leather jacket is a pricy affair and is a lifetime investment, you should be very clear about the leather quality and Lining.
For any Jacket to be of a good quality, it should be a genuine leather with a good lining and, differentiating it for any newbie is a task. A genuine leather has an uneven grainy texture than its faux counterparts.
You can feel a real leather it has the rawness, the smell and the smooth skinny feel to it. 
The best quality leather is made from horsehide, lambskin or goat skin. These are leather that have the best grain quality making it more robust and long-lasting. 
Liningin a leather jacket is also a focal point since it makes your leather jacket wearable and enduring. A good leather jacket will have a cotton lining rather than a cheap synthetic one which make it more difficult for you to stay in it long. 
Fitting is the Key
You should be very appropriate about the sizing of your jacket because in the case of a leather jacket size does matters.
A leather jacket should fit you perfectly all around it should not by tight making it difficult for you to move and not so loose that the audience feels you are wearing someone else’s jacket. 
A perfect size should not be below the belt, and it should fit evenly around the chest and bottom for proper movement and sleeves just above your hands not hanging below it. 
A jacket is perfect if it fits your closet, each brand has a different sizing guide make sure you measure it well and if you like it more precise you should always go for customization
Other Detailing
Every drop in the ocean counts! This is also the scenario in the case of a mens leather jacket. Every detailing matters. There are some more points that a user should look out for when buying a leather jacket.
Top stitching
Some may consider it as only a design element in a jacket but it is more than that. A top-stitching determines the quality of your jacket, luxury makers like us use top quality thick threads to top stitch a jacket. 
Topstitching add the design element and also holds the garment together making it indestructible and firm.
Your jacket zipper should be as strong as its leather and make sure when you buy a jacket you also look out at its zipper. 
The zipper should be made of heavy metal that should be tough and less probable to break, the best zipper is the YKK zippers. So, make sure you check for this particular zipper.
Yes! You heard it right. The price of a leather jacket too determines the genuineness of the leather jacket.
A Leather Jacket never comes CHEAP!
So set a good budget and respect the craftsmanship of a Leather Jacket.
Keeping all these points will surely help out in your journey of buying you perfect Leather Jacket.