March 18, 2022 6 min read

In 2022, everything is 'fast': whether it’s technology, food, or our clothing. You must be wondering what's 'fast clothing '? Sorry to disappoint you but it's not a Flash-Esque attire that will have you cover miles in mere seconds. Popularly known as 'fast fashion' on social media, these are clothing items that are generally available for cheap prices. And as the name suggests, they wear out quicker than quality items. Wear your favorite fast-fashion item several items before you eventually throw it away.

Leather jackets, however, are the exact opposite of the fast fashion trend. They're meant for the long haul, and more often than not, with the appropriate amount of care, will last a lifetime. And if you're lucky, your favorite leather jacket could last beyond a lifetime too. Instances of genuine leather jackets and items being passed on from one generation to another are very common.

Picking the right leather jacket can be a very exciting yet daunting task. It requires plenty of effort, and owning a leather jacket is more than just owning it and throwing it on for a couple of events. It's an art and those who master this art are rewarded. The good news is that we're here to help you pick the right leather jacket.

Here's how you should choose and style a leather jacket.


First things first, before you choose a leather jacket, it's important to ask yourself why you want a leather jacket. We can talk about its supreme quality all day but the biggest USP of a leather jacket is its versatility. Leather jackets are incredibly versatile and can be paired with almost any and every form of clothing.


There are different types of jackets in the fashion industry but none of them are as durable as leather jackets. Ask any fashion expert and they will all tell you the same thing: no jacket material is as durable and sturdy as leather. Leather jackets are of different types too, so the durability of the material is an important factor to consider when you're choosing a leather jacket.


Apart from giving you the look of a Greek God, leather jackets also protect you from spills and bad weather. If you follow motorsports, you must've heard the term 'second skin'. There is a reason why motorcyclists wear leather jackets while riding. It acts as the barrier between their skin and the pavement/road and in the event of unfortunate incidents, minimizes damage.


We've already spoken about this but we cannot emphasize it enough. For all its rugged and transformative attributes, a leather jacket's biggest USP is the fact that it is timeless.

Picking the right leather material

The process of buying a new leather jacket starts with picking the right material for YOU. There are several materials you could pick from. Leather jackets made from cowhide are said to be the most durable and make the best choice for practical outerwear. If you are looking for warm weather jackets, deerskin jackets are your best bet. They are much lighter and though not as strong as cowhide leather, they're still durable enough. Goatskin leather jackets are characterized by their pebbled appearance. If you fancy the most premium and luxurious leather jackets, look out for lambskin jackets. 

What's your style?

Identifying your style will help you choose the right leather jacket. Remember the thumb rule: the more decor on your jacket, the more casual it will look. How casual do you prefer your leather jacket? We will list down some popular leather jacket styles that you can choose from.

Leather jackets without a collar

This one's easy to remember. Most leather jackets usually feature a collar. Ones that are designed without a collar are bomber jackets and racer jackets. 

Leather jackets with flower detail

Floral prints are bang on-trend these days. And the trend is not just restricted to tees, shirts, and bottoms. These days, you'll find plenty of leather jackets with floral detail.

Leather jackets with fringe detail

Another off-beat option. Boasting a playful look, fringe detail leather jackets are pretty popular these days.

Studded leather jackets

Gone are the days when studded leather jackets were associated with mercenaries. In 2022, studded leather jackets are a popular style statement.

Leather jackets with patch detail

What was a mid-20th-century tradition is a full-blown style trend in modern times. Back during World War II, American soldiers would patch torn areas of their leather jackets as a reflection of their victory. Fast forward to 2022, you'll have to dish out big bucks if you want to own a stylish leather jacket featuring patches.

Biker jackets with stars

Biker jackets have always been a symbol of masculinity and ruggedness. People who like to associate themselves with the 'macho' avatar happen to be lovers of biker jackets. However, the 21st century is all about breaking stereotypes and that includes biker jackets with playful star embroidery and prints.

Leather jackets with tassels

Speaking of breaking stereotypes, how often did you hear about leather jackets with tassels 20 years back? Not very often. The theme has changed and leather jackets with tassels are very much a popular pick these days.

Spiked leather jackets

Spiked jackets are as cool as spiked hair: fresh, funky, playful, and full of life. They are a result of the prominence of punk culture in recent years. Word of caution: They're not meant for everyday use.

Leather jackets with belts

Most leather jackets do not have belts. However, belts are a common theme in long-length jackets. In simpler words, most jackets that hang below the waist might feature a belt for the sake of comfort and convenience.

Leather jackets without lining

Lining protects your leather jackets and helps them last longer. While it's not impossible to find a leather jacket without lining, it's advisable not to opt for one for the sake of longevity.

Gold-themed leather jackets

Relax, Sherlock! We know you must be all excited but no, gold is too soft a metal to function optimally as a zipper. But don't be too disappointed, you'll find plenty of gold-themed leather jackets that feature either gold color embroidery or gold-colored zippers.

Sleeveless leather jackets

Sleeveless jackets are a great pick if you have the confidence to pull them off. They go well with a vest or a full sleeve shirt. If you are an avid motorbike rider, you would love to have a few of these beauties in your closet. 

Leather jackets without a zipper

Yes, there are quite a few leather jackets out there without a zipper. But we believe that the zipper is a defining feature of a leather jacket and triumphs any of the other alternatives: buttons or a touch-fast closure.

Hooded leather jackets

These types of jackets are an on-trend style. If you love to "hoodie up" when you step outdoors, hooded leather jackets are your thing.

Leather jackets without shoulder pads

Most leather jackets do not have shoulder pads. However, you will find many biker jackets that feature shoulder pads, designed to offer a bit of protection in the event of an unfortunate tumble while riding. 

Now that you are aware of the different types and styles of a leather jacket, it is also handy to know what goes well with your leather companion. Here are some styling tips for your leather jacket.

 For a casual day out

If you want to don your leather jacket on a casual day out, your options are endless. Your favorite blue denim jeans, a plain white tee, and a pair of white sneakers are a win-win combination to go with your leather jacket. Replace the white tee with a plain black tee or a casual black, white, or navy blue shirt, and the combination is still as good. If you fancy a bit more layering, throw in a black scarf and we promise you'll have all eyes on you for all the right reasons. Women can pull off the look with shorts or a skirt too.

For a formal look

While it's not advisable to wear a leather jacket in a formal workspace, some exceptions will allow you to pull it off. A very simplistic black or brown leather jacket is acceptable at work. But don't turn up in a funky, over-the-top leather jacket with studs all over.

Leather jacket at a wedding?

Yes, it can work. Similar to the formal look tip, if styled right, you can get away with sporting a leather jacket at a wedding without breaking a fuss. A simplistic shirt, pair of trousers, and a tie with formal shoes, that's all you need. The secret is to not overdo it despite the grand occasion (It's a wedding, ha!). 

That's your all-in-one leather jacket guide. Follow what we've advised and choosing and styling a leather jacket might just become one of your favorite hobbies. And if you haven't explored our latest arrivals yet, do it right away.