February 07, 2022 6 min read

It's hard to find a form of clothing as appealing as leather jackets. They're incredibly versatile and can be sported on most occasions all around the year. Whether you're young or old, leather jackets bring out the swagger in you. They're popular among men and women of all ages. Leather jackets are precious - like a prized possession. And like every prized possession, they require utmost care and love. One thing that most jacket lovers tend to complain about, is the wrinkling and creasing of the material. It can damage both your jacket and your style quotient. No one fancies wearing a wrinkled jacket on a fun night out, do they? The durability of good quality leather will ideally ensure that your jacket seldom forms wrinkles. However, the responsibility to look after your jacket is solely in your hands. They say that prevention is better than cure, and the same applies to leather jackets. The importance of preserving and protecting your jacket at all times cannot be overstated. It is essential to remember that everything from storing to the cleaning and ironing of your jacket goes a long way in determining how long and how well your jacket will last. However, sometimes the circumstances are unavoidable - the adventure is too thrilling, and the party is just too good to hold back. The result, very often, is a heavily wrinkled jacket.

What are the most common causes of wrinkles on leather jackets?

Careless Storage

It's quite strange how often we see folded leather apparel in storage facilities and showrooms. It's simply not right. Folding jackets affects the structural integrity of the material, causing unwanted wrinkles. That being said, it is equally important to store your jacket carefully at home too. Don't just hang it on any nook or cranny. Your jacket hanger must be well supportive of the shoulders and mustn't be cramped up with other clothes. There are specific hangers and hooks designed for the longer leather jackets and trench coats.

Rigorous Overuse

There's no denying that leather jackets are very addictive. Once they become a part of your daily wear, you'll rarely leave them at home. It is important to keep in mind though, that overuse of leather jackets can make them prone to wrinkles. When you’re back from a wild weekend party, make sure you take off your jacket before you crash.

Wearing The Wrong Fit

Any apparel that's not the right fit will cause discomfort to the person wearing it. It will also potentially damage the material. Leather jackets are no different. You may have the best quality leather jacket but if it's not the right fit for you, you could end up damaging it. You must get the perfect fit to get the most out of your leather jacket, and get that crisp look to match your personality.

Quality of Leather

It might sound like we're stating the obvious but we're not. The most common reason for wrinkles on your leather jacket is down to the quality of the material. It's no surprise that ShopperFiesta shoppers never complain about wrinkles on their leather jackets. Fake leather products are always around and they can often be misleading. That being said, it must be noted that even authentic leather comes in different forms and types. Each of these displays different qualities. Some of them are heavier, while some stretch far more than others. For instance, leather extracted from the sides of animals can be much heavier than the leather extracted from the insides (such as the gut or intestines). The most superior form of leather is full-grain leather. You won't have to worry a lot about creasing and wrinkling if your jacket is made of full-grain leather. Pick your leather wisely.

What are the best practices to fix a wrinkled leather jacket?

Iron Your Leather Jacket with a Pillow Case

Yes - ironing your leather jacket is a great way to unwrinkle it. Contrary to popular notion, even though leather jackets are tougher than most other materials, they must not be ironed at a high heat setting on your iron. Normally, you must avoid ironing your leather jacket as much as possible. But when done right, it is a great way to get rid of wrinkles on your leather jacket. Ensuring that it is set to the lowest possible temperature is very crucial. Next, you must find a pillowcase, or an equally subtle, cotton cloth of similar size and place it on the wrinkled part of your jacket. It is advisable to first try ironing the pillowcase before placing it on your jacket to ascertain the heat setting of your iron. Follow these instructions and that's it... You've successfully unwrinkled your leather jacket without damaging the leather.

Steam Your Leather Jacket

It is a well-known fact that leather has stretchable properties. Your leather jacket may not be as flexible as spandex, but it's sturdier and richer in quality. Good weekly steams will only help your jacket maintain its structural integrity. The steam will loosen the leather and make it more stretchable. Once a week, you could just hang your jacket in the bathroom while taking a steam bath, and then witness the art of nature as the steam session naturally softens your jacket, thereby straightening wrinkles, if any.

Mix Alcohol with Water

The procedure of using alcohol for leather wrinkles is usually two-bit. You must use a solution of equal portions of alcohol and water to strengthen the crease and make your jacket solid after the steaming procedure makes it smooth. The shine of the leather is also maintained when doing so. A good-quality leather jacket usually doesn't fade by the use of this mix. However, it's best practice to try it on a small portion of the jacket first, to check if it fades or dulls the color and shine of your jacket.

Place Heavy Objects on the Wrinkled Area

A very simple method of unwrinkling your leather jacket is to place a heavy flat object on the affected area, after undoing the wrinkle. A heavy object could be as simple as a pile of books or a closed iron. The method might be pretty basic but it is 100% safe and does the job quite effectively. Leave the object overnight on the wrinkled area for best results.


Pulling doesn't essentially imply only a physical stretch. There are several ways of stretching your jacket gently enough to unwrinkle it. For instance, sliding your jacket on a hanger and letting it sit there for a considerable time can work like magic. Let gravity do the pulling. If you need it sooner, you could gently pull the leather crease to straighten the affected area. It must be done with caution, to avoid damaging the jacket or overstretching the fabric.

Oiling the Wrinkles

Oiling is a rather unconventional way of straightening wrinkles on your leather jacket. It's best to take a non-sticky and non-greasy oil and apply it to the wrinkled part of your jacket. A few drops should be enough. All you have to do is stroke the area gently and straighten out the crease. Once you see the crease flattened, place a heavy object on it and leave it for a bit. Repeat this method a few times for the best results. It is advisable to use this technique only on small wrinkles. It is also best to first try the oil on a very small, possibly inverted portion of the leather just to check for oil staining.

What the experts think:

Can you iron leather jackets?

Ironing leather is not the best idea for any occasion unless you have no other option. If it is being done, one should iron very carefully on the lowest heat setting, and with a buffer cloth - preferably, a pillowcase on top of the jacket. It must be stressed that ironing does remove the creases and wrinkles in just a matter of minutes. Always ensure that your leather jacket does not come in direct contact with the iron.

Can you steam leather jackets?

Yes - you must steam your leather jacket regularly. It's a super safe and effective way of getting rid of wrinkles.

How do you dry a leather jacket?

Air dry your leather jacket naturally. Placing it directly under the heat or exposing it to the sun may damage the material and cause fading. Place your leather jacket on a hanger and let it hang until it completely dries up. Do not use the washing machine dryer. It will damage your leather jacket.

How to shrink a leather jacket?

It is advisable to buy the best fit when you're selecting a leather jacket. However, if you want to shrink your jacket, one way to do it is to soak it in warm water and tumble dry it later. The method works, but it is not the safest. Hence, it's advisable to reach out to professionals instead of trying this yourself.


You can follow all the best practices but leather, like every other material, is durable. The acceptance that your favorite leather jacket could wrinkle isn't the end of the world. Follow the best storage and care practices, reach out to a professional if needed. And if you still end up with a wrinkled jacket, follow the tips mentioned above.