August 29, 2020 2 min read

Leather has its own beauty and identifying a real leather from a faux one is a sign of a true leather lover. Investing in buying a pure leather jacket will be a pricey affair but it is surely worth it. And so, when you think of buying a leather jacket for yourself or a loved one you should make sure it is a genuine leather jacket only. If you are an amateur and don’t know how to distinguish between real leather vs faux leather reading this blog will surely help.

Real leather jackets have their own charm and it is not so difficult to identify them. Real leather jackets are a soft supple and grainy textured garment. The more you wear it the more stylish it becomes. If you follow these simple points, you will become an expert in knowing a real leather from a faux one.

The Scent

Pure leather has a unique scent. If ever you visit a store wanting to buy a leather jacket do ask them for a faux piece of leather to distinguish between. A faux leather has a smell that is more chemical or synthetic type, however; a real leather jacket will have a natural scent. And smelling it will make you more acquainted to it.

The Touch

Real leather jackets texture lies somewhere between coarse and smooth. When you touch a real leather, you feel the grains of the garment while also being smooth to slide your hands on. A faux leather has much more smoother and plastic like surface to it. Real leather is less stretchy as compared to a faux one.

The Label

Always buy a real mens leather jackets from a reputed brand like us which stands true to its promise. Good brands deliver real goods, 

 when they specify its genuine leather it surely is. Shopperfiesta make its leather jacket from 100% real leather only.

The Pores

Real leather jackets have uneven pores throughout while faux leather has pores thar are symmetrical throughout. When you buy a real leather jacket look and feel the texture those irregular pores that bring a natural feel to it.

The Fire & Water Test

If you still want to test the leather physically, you can perform either of the test on the leather. Real leather tends to absorb some moisture so when you perform the water test where you drop some drops of water on leather it will surely absorb some of it whereas faux leather will not absorb any moisture. And real leather is also not so affected by fire so when you burn the leather surface it appears to be not affected by fire on a great extent whereas a faux leather will burn and create a plastic burning smell on being burned.


So as we all know now about the numerous benefits of genuine leathers over the faux one, we should definitely buy a real leather jacket only. They last longer, are more durable and the more you wear it the more rugged and vintage it becomes. So always buy real leather jacket from Shopperfiestabecause we stand true to the genuineness tag and provide the best and real leather to our precious customers.