January 31, 2022 4 min read

They say there's no such thing as 'perfection' in the fashion world. But if the perfect attire ever existed, we are pretty certain a 'Black Leather Jacket' would be a part of it. Black leather jackets are timeless fashionables. Over the decades, the demand for black leather jackets has only increased. You’ll see people wearing them at parties, music videos, and even at work sometimes. Once you’re used to your black leather jacket, there's no looking back. It is a gift that keeps on giving. No matter what the occasion, your black jacket will always add to your style quotient.

Trying to figure out what are the best ways to style your favorite black jacket? ShopperFiesta is here to help you out. We’ve listed down some styling ideas, as well as some tips and tricks, to get the best out of your black leather jackets.

V-neck T-shirt

T-shirts are owned and worn by everyone. A basic v-neck t-shirt. with or without a print, can up your look when combined with your black leather jacket. The majority of combinations with your black jacket would involve a rather casual or plain t-shirt. The Mac is bang on-trend these days. You could put on a baggy Mac black leather jacket over a white v-neck tee and turn up the style on any occasion. If you don't fancy keeping it simple, you can add a layer or two to your v-neck tee and jacket combination. Put on a checkered shirt over a plain tee and layer it with your black leather jacket. The combination is eye-catching and has been donned by several music artists, as well as television and movie stars. If you’re looking for the perfect combination for a v-neck t-shirt, the black bomber jacket is a sweet choice.

Blue Jeans

They say simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. And it couldn't be more true with regards to leather jackets. While you could style your black leather jacket with a wide range of bottoms, a pair of simple blue jeans is the ace of the pack. Blue jeans and black moccasins make a great recipe for the ultimate 'black leather jacket look'. The idea is to keep the look casual, yet classic and stylish. You can always switch the color combinations of your jeans and moccasins though - the options are endless.

Sweatshirts and Turtlenecks

Winters are an opportunity to grab stylish sweatshirts from the closet, but why stop there. You can always put on your black leather jacket as well. The pros are that you’ll feel warmer, cozier, and classier. The cons don’t exist. There is no room for disappointment with this combination. Grab your gray sweater and put on your jacket. If you’re one for pizzazz, you could throw in a scarf too. Black jeans and white sneakers go well with this combination. Fancy something a lot more elegant? Say hello to turtlenecks. We don't think there's any piece of clothing that beats a turtleneck. They're already very classy by themselves, and styling them with a black leather jacket will take the oomph factor to a whole new level.

Khaki Apparel

Khaki chinos match very well with any black clothing. You can combine a plain white or black tee with khaki chinos and layer it with a black leather jacket. This combination has the potential to multiply the already stylish character of your leather jacket as well as the muddy look of your khaki trousers. Throw on a black scarf and you might even capture the attention of the paparazzi.

Denim Combinations

Here’s the deal… Not everyone likes denim clothes. However, if you want to sport an out-of-the-box look, a denim hoodie or a denim shirt can line up very well to work with your black leather jacket. You can pair them with dark-shaded denim jeans and black sneakers. If you’re going with a denim shirt, we recommend you pair it with a black B4 flying jacket. The results could be extraordinary. Want to up the fun element? A rugged biker jacket on a denim hoodie is a combination you should try.

Formal Look

While your black leather jacket isn’t exactly a blazer, it can rather majestically pull off a formal look. A black leather jacket can really flatter all types of body shapes and sizes. It can be paired with heavy boots, rugged jeans, silk shirts, and what-not. But there are a few combinations that work better than the rest. A formal look with your black leather jacket may seem unusual, but it is worth the effort. Pick your favourite formal shirt in your closet - a plain white shirt is something you can never go wrong with. How about a nice striped black and gray tie to add to the look? Black denims and your favourite pair of CAT boots? Check. All of that, topped up with your favorite black leather jacket and we promise you'll look nothing less than an A-lister. Autograph, please?