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Types of Leather Based on Animals

Leather is merely not a thing, it’s a universe in itself. There are a variety of different types of leather which can even confuse the eyes of an expert. It's very confusing for any freshman to distinguish amongst these many varieties of leathers.

Leather can be differentiated based on the source of extraction or types of selection. Leather can be obtained from either cows, buffalo, camels, horses, sheep, goats, lambs or deer. Until now, we only knew the different styles, fits and colors of leather however, there’s more to it than just these things. Leather gained from each of these animals exhibits different characteristics. Leather obtained from buffalo, camels, and horses are referred to as cow hides and those obtained from goats, lambs, deer and sheep are entitled as leather skins.

It is very important to know the difference between all of these leathers because it helps one to buy a leather jackets that he/she is actually looking for. Lack of knowledge about the different properties exhibited by the different types of leather is the reason any person ends up purchasing goods not worthy of the investment.

It’s not merely different type of leather all of these hides and skin differ in weight, softness, stretch ability, insulation and strength. These differences are difficult to point out as an amateur but with some expert guidance you can surely be good to start with and this guide will surely be a helping hand in your journey.

Leather Types Based on Animals

Leather can be obtained from a variety of animals and based on their properties they can be either used for making garments such as leather jackets for men, pants or maybe accessories such as belts, handcuffs, gloves and it's also used in furnishing. Hide leather are larger as compared to skin leather in size. Our experts have made it easy for you to Furthermore classify each of these types of leather and their uses.

  • Cowhide Leather
  •  Sheepskin Leather
  •  Lambskin Leather
  •  Goatskin Leather

Cowhide Leather

Leather that is obtained from the hide from a cow is said to be the toughest leather as compared to any other animal. Cowhide leather goods tends to be heavy as the leather is quite thick and less prone to wear and tear since it is robust and has strong fiber bonds. However, due to being thick and heavy the stretchabilityof a cowhide leather is not as good as compared to others.
Cowhide leather if treated properly and waxed coated adequately can be also used as a raincoat during bad weather since they tend to become waterproof and are also good insulation for obvious reason.
Cowhide leather are mainly used for making leather jackets, belts, shoes and purses however it is mainly used more for accessories rather than garment because it’s quite heavy to carry but is more durable than others.

Sheepskin Leather

Sheepskin Leather is a soft and supple leather. It is mostly preferred in the making of garments such as leather jackets because of its thinness. Sheepskin is lighter and the texture of the leather obtained from a sheep is delicate and soft to touch.
Sheepskin is not as tough in strength and durability as compared to a cow’s hide hence it has to be handled very carefully. Sheepskin leather tends to get damaged by any pointy or spiked object and these damages are irreversible so an extreme care is required when wearing it.
Although it has some cons to it a sheep’s leather is preferred in making of garments as it provides great insulation and it adapts to the shape of the wearer due to its thinness.

Lambskin Leather

Lambskin Leather is the most handpicked and well-liked leather by most of the luxurious brands because of its enormous advantages.
Lambskin leather has an excellent texture and softness into it that makes the finishing product look quite elegant. Men's Lambskin leather jackets is very light as compared to cow hide however it is also quite durable to trust. A lambskin leather is quite flexible and stretchy so it tends to take the shape of your body over a period of time. However, if the fitting is not perfect it may damage your garment by becoming saggy and ill-fitted due to its property of stretch ability.
Lambskin leather has the perfect strength, it is quite insulated making it great to wear in tough winters and is also quite lightweight and soft making it the most admired amongst all.

Goatskin Leather

Goatskin Leather exhibits the same properties as a lambskin leather. Goatskin leather is also a good choice of leather for the making of jackets and purses. Goatskin leather is quite robust, lightweight and flexible in nature. This type of leather can be either used naturally or dyed for a great look. The presence of lanolin in a goatskin leather makes it very supple and soft as compared to any other options. The goatskin leather is selected in uses where the appearance, softness and texture matters.


This article gives a clear idea to the customer to make a smart decision at the end of the day. Although it’s still a difficult task to exactly differentiate amongst the different choices but our experts are here to help you with it.

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