September 28, 2020 3 min read

A Bomber Jacket is one of the most vintage and versatile pieces of garment in the leather jackets world. Mens bomber jackets are one of the first leather jackets created with a purpose of providing insulation and protecting the pilots of world war 1,these bomber jackets thus created history. After successfully serving their purpose these formerly known as military jackets were given a major fashion transformation. Bomber jackets are now available in a range of fits, colours, styles and a variety of leather types.


Right fit Bomber Jackets


The classic bomber jacket has a very original appearance with a front zipper closure, a defined neckline collar and to add functionality it may have well defined pockets. As the evolution began in the leather world these bomber jackets became more and more popular amongst the country and fashion world.


If you are a newbie and thinking of buying a leather jacket for yourself you should always pay attention to its fit. Fitting is the most crucial part for any style of leather jackets for men. Following the points below you can buy a perfect fit bomber leather jacket for yourself or a loved one.


A perfect fit bomber jacket will neither be too snugly nor too loose. You should always have ample space after wearing your jacket to add a layer of cloth inside it. A perfect fit bomber should properly end at your shoulder’s end and should not be off shoulder or too tight to obstruct your hand movements. The sleeves of your bomber jacket should end just above your wrist and it should not be too long or too short. The bomber jacket should end just at your waistline for that ultimate look.


The Classic Black Bomber


The black bomber is the most elegant and charming bomber jacket that suits all personalities very well. You can style a black bomber jacket for a casual well groomed look with a ton of styling options. You can wear a white hoodie and layer it with a black bomber jacket and white sneakers for that dapper boy look.

And if you want an on the go look you can wear your black bomber with a chinos and a black high sneakers for that cool look.


The Brown Bomber Jacket


The Brown Bomber jackets are a perfect attire for a smart and rugged look. For those who want to go other than black and not to off the edge than brown is the thing just for them. You can wear navy blue jeans with a black t-shirt and brown boots for that absent from duty look. Or wear your brown bomber with olive chinos for the ultra modern stylish look.


The Suede  Bomber Jacket


If you love experimenting with materials then suede leather is the twenty-first-century alternative to your leather jackets. Suede is also leather but is created from the inner hide of the animal's skin and it is comparatively lightweight and has a softer velvety feel to it. Suede bomber jackets are the newest trend in town because of its many comforts .


Shopperfiesta has a vast variety of mens suede jackets collections ranging from different colors whether it be black, navy, brown and grey or a range of different styles.


Suede bomber jackets have enormous ways of styling options; you can pair them with either jeans or either black, white or charcoal chinos and a low top sneakers for that stylish look.


Shop your perfect bomber look


With the right selection of bomber jackets you will always stand out of the crowd with very minimal efforts. Be very clear about the look and colour you want to go with and always keep the layers inside neutral. Pair your bomber jacket with either jeans, chinos or trousers according to the occasion for that effortless look.

Always try to keep your bomber jacket the statement piece of your styling and keep the rest neutral. Buying the right fit is another factor to a conquering look.

Shop from our wide range and our experts at shopperfiesta are always at your ease to help you with any queries.