August 24, 2020 1 min read

Leather jackets do need extra love! As you love your leather jacket the only way to express your love towards it is taking good care of it. Leather jackets are a lifelong investment and to increase its expectancy you need to take proper care and maintenance. This article will cover all the points that will help you in your journey to keeping alive your leather jacket.
To make sure that your mens leather jackets stays young and youthful just like you bought it, you should follow these jacket care rules.

Keep it dry


You should avoid wearing your leather jackets in the rain. Keeping your jackets dry all time is very important because pure leather do absorb some moisture. If at all you keep a moist leather jacket away in your cupboard it will promote fungi growth on the surface that will ruin your jacket.
If your leather jacket gets wet you should properly dry it by hanging it so that it is not affected by fungus and it lasts longer.

Dust it away

If your leather jacket has been hanging in your cupboard for quite a while, it surely needs some dusting. Dust tends to accumulate on your leather jacket if not used regularly so to keep it clean and shiny you should take a soft cloth and lightly wipe dust or oil away from the surface of your mens motorcycle leather jackets.
Dusting often will tend to keep the tougher dust away from your jacket so wiping in a circular motion will keep it soft and supple for a long time.

Leather conditioning

Leather Jackets do need conditioning from time to time as the moisture in the leather tends to vanish as time passes by. A good leather conditioner will keep the moisture intact and also avoid any water or snow to sit on the surface of leather.
Make sure you buy a good quality conditioner that will make the product more durable and add value to its life. Ensure you patch test when using a conditioner to check if it is color fast.
You can also make a diy conditioner from the vast option available to make a conditioner at home.
Professional Cleaning
Every leather jacket needs professional care at least once a year. Even though you take good care of your leather jacket getting it, professionally dry cleaned is a must. Professional cleaners know exactly how to clean any particular type of leather and they also have various methods to clean it. They deal each jacket differently depending on its style, colour and type of leather. They recondition your leather jacket by carefully restoring any loss of colour or repairing the cracks in the jacket if it’s an old one.
Depending on your usage get it professionally cleaned at least once or more in a year. Professional cleaning will make your jacket new once again so that you can use it for many more years to come.